General Math and Science information

I guess I’ll put some math and science and maybe other non-computer links in this section.

Intuitive explanations
Better Explained

General Oracle and Flex tips and tricks

Here is list of general Oracle and Flex tips/tricks.

Using Oracle EPG to provide XML services for Flex applications

General AIR tips/tricks

Here is a list of Abobe AIR tips and tricks.

5 Adobe AIR apps I use every day
Building CPU efficient Adobe AIR apps
AIR Showcase Applications
Refreshing Apps

General Flash Builder 4 tips/tricks

Here is a list of Flash Builder 4 tips and tricks.

Lots Of Great New ColdFusion Flash Builder Content On ADC
More info on Flash Builder 4 and Flex 4

General CSS tips/tricks

Here is a list of general css tips and tricks.

A healthy dose of useful CSS links
Object Oriented CSS
Guide to CSS support for Email Clients
W3C CSS class names
CSS Ninja

Mastering CSS
CSS Table Grid
CSS buttons

Create CSS Menus

CSS Frameworks
Blueprint CSS
YUI Grids 2
960 gs

General JavaScript tips/tricks

Here is a list of general JavaScript tips and tricks.


Best way to load your JavaScript
Fast by Default and Web Performances
6 ideas to improve JavaScript performance
Slow JavaScript
Multi-touch JavaScript


Thomas Frank blog
Nicholas C. Zakas blog
Steve Souders blog (Google)
DHTML Goodies


Firefox Extensions
Google Page Speed



jQuery UI


dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library

cfmx 9 tips/tricks

Here is a list of new cfmx 9 tips and tricks.

Configuring and Administering Adobe ColdFusion 9
Adobe cfmx 9 CFML Reference
Developing Adobe cfmx 9 Applications
Installing Adobe cfmx 9
Adobe cfmx 9 Language Reference

Using Adobe ColdFusion Builder
Installing Adobe ColdFusion Builder

Trick and Tips
Excellent CFMX 9 review
Sneak Peek of Proxy Tags in ColdFusion 9
ColdFusion Functionality Exposed As Services
The New ColdFusion LOCAL Scope
Look, No Datasource
Sneak Peek of Proxy Tags in ColdFusion 9
AIR, CFMX9 and SQLLite

Flash Remoting in ColdFusion 9 is super fast!
Changes in the XML configuration files for Flash Remoting in ColdFusion 9

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