Flex : How to use the source path

I’ve wanted to use some of my ActionScript packages in a shared folder for multiple projects. The current default of the namespace is relative to the “SRC” folder. This isn’t a solution since I will have a “COM” folder under every “SRC” folder.

e.g. for src folder )
FOLDER ==> src –> com –> x –> y
NAMESPACE ==> xmls:example=”com.x.y.*”

 <example:wrap  x=”10″ y=”10″ id=”idtest” styleName=”style1″ themColor=”#77CCE1″ >

If you want to use a shared folder for some common code (AS packages), then you must first add a namespace and a source path to the package. I’ve tweaked my package location and import statement which Flex Builder nicely helps me greatly …:)
NAMESPACE ==> xmlns:exanple=”x.y.*”
SOURCE PATH ==> j:/shared_folder/flex_as/com (You will notice it is using a mapped drive to a shared folder for my flex actionscript code )


<example:wrap x=”10″ y=”10″ id=”idtest1″ styleName=”style1″ themeColor=”#77CC1E” >


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