Site of the Day 8/17/2010

Another crazy language from the W3C šŸ™‚

Site of the Day 8/16/2010

AMF for the Apple iPhone

Site of the Day 8/15/2010

Here is an article to emuluate various IE browsers for CSS.

Site of the Day 8/14/2010

CSS Compatibility for Internet Explorer for IE 5 thru 8.

Site of the Day 8/13/2010

Here are some links concerning doing some web stuff for the iPhone and iPad.

Site of the Day 8/12/2010

Creating a Web App for Google’s Chrome Web Store

Site of the day 8/11/2010

Learn about HTML 5 and CSS 3 from Sitepoint for only $9.95.

Site of the Day 8/10/2010

Here is a good Mobile Phone developmentĀ site.

Site of the Day 8/9/2010

Here is a link to create CSS3 generator.

Site of the Day 8/8/2010

Building Android Apps with HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Site of the Day 8/7/2010

A pretty good website about Mobile Development.

Site of the Day 8/6/2010

Here is the online version for the Dive into HTML 5 book.

Site of the Day 8/5/2010

Here is a link concerning of scoring a browser with the features of HTML 5.

Site of the Day 8/4/2010

Here is a link concerning compatibility of HTML 5 across the browsers.

Site of the Day 8/3/2010

HTML 5 Cool Sites:


Ajaxian Information:

Overall Examples:

Text Rendering Overview

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:

Part IV:

Flip an Image:

Additional Information:

Site of the Day 8/2/2010

Getting Started with Android Development using Eclipse.

Site of the Day 8/1/2010

Here is a good article about JavaScript functions and how they work.

Part I:

Part II: