Sr. Web Developer / Analyst

Software :
Adobe Flex 3,ColdFusion, Java, XML, XSLT, Web 2.0, Web Services, Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise, CMMI, Peoplesoft, PeopleTools, SQR, Flash MX, Studio MX (Dreamweaver CS3, Flash, Fireworks), Dreamweaver CS4, Eclipse,
Homesite, CF Studio, BO XI Admin Tools and CMC, APOS, Photoshop, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle P/L SQL Web Toolkit, Oracle 10g AS, SQL/Plus, Oracle JDeveloper, MS SQL Server Mgmt Express, MS Access, Essbase,  Silverstream, EDI, Premenos, GENTRAN, Fusebox, Coldbox

Adobe Flex 3, ColdFusion (4.0 – MX/9.x), CFC, ActionScript (1-3), AIR 1.x, MXML, Flash (+5), HTML, HTML 5, XHTML, CSS1-3, JavaScript, Ajax, DHTML, Jscript, WScript, jQuery, Dojo, ProtoType, Mootools, Peoplesoft (6 – 8.x), SQR, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle P/L SQL Web Toolkit, SQL, Crystal Reports (5 – XI), Java, JSP, Java Beans, Oracle ADF, SQL Server, MS Access, ASP, Essbase (3.x – 11.x), Unix shell scripts


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