Site of the Day 8/17/2010

Another crazy language from the W3C 🙂

Site of the Day 6/23/2010

15 Great jQuery Plugins For Better Table Manipulation

Site of the Day 5/27/2010

I’m glad I found this link when I was sitting down. 🙂

Site of the Day 5/26/2010

Here is a site concerning PaperVision3D.

Site of the Day 5/25/2010

James Ward has a page which will see if your page is Flex instead of Flash.

How to do a type ahead for a select tag

I thought I would put some code here on how to do a type ahead for a select tag (select-one) using JavaScript.
*** WordPress made my “8” as a smiley face, so just replace it.

1.) Add these 2 event handlers to a given select tag.

onblur=”_dw_select_typeAhead_clear(); ”
onkeydown=”_dw_select_typeAhead(); ”

2.) Add this global variable to keep the status of the type ahead.

// global storage object for type-ahead info, including reset() method
var taInfo = {
reset:function() { this.last=0; this.charsTyped=”;  }

3.) Add this function to initialize some global variables at the onchange event handler.

// ===============================
// clear variables for type ahead
//  ===============================

function _dw_select_typeAhead_clear() {

taInfo.charsTyped = ”; taInfo.last = 0;
} // end of type ahead clear…

4.) Add this function to show the location were the user is as they type the characters.

// =====================================
// type ahead for select drop down
// =====================================
function _dw_select_typeAhead() {

  var v_len = 0; var v_len1 = 0; var v_event = window.event;
  var txt; var charCode; var val;
  charCode = v_event.keyCode;

// escape key will clear the type ahead buffer and allow the user to start over
  if (charCode == 27) {
   _dw_select_typeAhead_clear(); // clear
 _dw_select_typeAhead_startover(); // options[0]
   v_event.returnValue = false; return true;
  if (v_event && !v_event.ctrlKey && (v_event.keyCode > 19 || v_event.keyCode == 8 ) ) {
     var now = new Date();
     if (taInfo.charsTyped == ” || taInfo.charsTyped != ”) {
        var ddl = v_event.srcElement;
        taInfo.last = now;
     // correct for NumPad digits
     if ( charCode >= 96 && charCode <=105 ) { charCode = charCode – 48;   }
     if ( charCode > 127 ) { charCode = charCode – 144; }
     if ( charCode == 8 ) {
        v_len1 = taInfo.charsTyped.length – 1;
        taInfo.charsTyped = taInfo.charsTyped.substr(0,v_len1);
     } else {
           taInfo.charsTyped += String.fromCharCode(charCode).toUpperCase();

window.status = taInfo.charsTyped;
  ddl.title = taInfo.charsTyped;
     v_len = ddl.options.length-1;
        for (var i=0; i < v_len; i++) {
         txt = ddl.options[i].text.toUpperCase();
      val = ddl.options[i].value.toUpperCase();
            if ( txt.indexOf(taInfo.charsTyped) == 0 && val != “” ) {
            ddl.selectedIndex = i;
         } // if dd1
      } // for_i
      } // if taInfo
      v_event.returnValue = false;
      return true;
  } // if v_event

  return true;
} // end of select type ahead….

5.) I’ve added the capability to clear all of your typed characters by use of the Escape Key.

// =====================================
// escape key : clear type ahead character
// =====================================
function _dw_select_typeAhead_startover() {
var v_event = window.event;
var ddl = v_event.srcElement;
ddl.options[0].selected = true;
window.status = ”;  ddl.title = ”;  
} // end of type ahead start over….

Site of the Day 5/24/2010

Flex on Google Android in Flash Player and AIR

Site of the Day 5/23/2010

Here is a good site from the University of Stanford Security Lab.

Site of the Day 5/22/2010

Here is an article in creating an ActionScript debugger.

Site of the Day 5/21/2010

Here is a good article how to do a type ahead for a combobox in Flex.

Site of the Day 5/20/2010

Here is a good site for a Adobe Flex Tree (open-sourced).

Site of the Day 5/19/2010

This is a great site using CSS for Adobe Flex. The guy is correct that CSS is implemented terribly in Flex. Didn’t they think about how CSS works in a web page and just copy that idea???

Site of the Day 5/18/2010

The articles from Yakov Fain about Adobe Flex are excellent.

Site of the Day 5/17/2010

Here is a good article about Google TV. I want one now 🙂

Site of the Day 5/16/2010

Here is a good product to create wireframes for Adobe Flex.

Site of the Day 5/15/2010

Here is a good article about the detail of the Flex Tree Control.

Site of the Day 5/14/2010

Everything you wanted to know about Ajax and were afraid to ask.

Site of the Day 5/13/2010

Here is a great site for CSS novices and gurus.

Site of the Day 5/12/2010

Here is a great demo using an Open Source Java facial recognition software (jar) with ColdFusion.

Site of the Day 5/11/2010

I like this demo from Raymond Camden’s site about how to create images from a URL. This means I could create snapshots of my application for training purposes.

Site of the Day 5/10/2010

I fell upon this site from a link about creating music notes from JavaScript. It very cool 🙂

Site of the Day 5/9/2010

I’m listening to a video for MIX09 concerning UX Design Patterns.

Site of the Day 5/8/2010

Since, I have some more MIX sites, I’ll added them for the next couple day.

Site of the Day 5/7/2010

Someone sent me a link to a specific JavaScript topic for Microsoft MIX09, so here is the link for MIX09.

Site of the Day 5/6/2010

Here is a blog for IE. It is showing their progress with IE 9.

Site of the Day 5/5/2010

Here is nice little tip concerning ColdFusion and PING.

Site of the Day 5/4/2010

Here is a very good site from the Performance Evangelist for Google. I will start to add a site of the day to get myself to share some more 🙂

Social Media


How I use Social Media: Part 1–Twitter
How I use Social Media: Part 2–Facebook
How I use Social Media: Part 3–Blogging
How I use Social Media: Part 4–LinkedIn





Here are some links concerning HTML concepts.

Cheat Sheets
Cheat Sheets

DevGuru HTML Colors
HTML Color codes
Colors on the Web

Color Theory
Color Theory
Wiki Color Theory
Color Symbolism and Psychology
Color Mixing

General Web Concepts

I will add general web concepts to this post.

Design Patterns
Design Considerations: Naming Conventions
Why software sucks
(And what to do about it)

Designing web sites

Flex 3 : Taking a snapshot of a component.

Even though, Flex doesn’t do printing that well, it can take a snapshot of a component.

Taking screenshots in Flex 3 using the ImageSnapshot.captureImage() method


// needed imports

// save PNG chart to user PC.
private function saveChart(source:IBitmapDrawable):void {

//var image:ImageSnapshot = ImageSnapshot.captureImage(idchartgrid, 300, new PNGEncoder());
var image:ImageSnapshot = ImageSnapshot.captureImage(source);
var file:FileReference = new FileReference();, “chart.png”);
} // end of savechart….


<mx:Panel id=”idchartgrid” width=”940″ height=”550″ title=”A9 Summary Chart”
horizontalScrollPolicy=”off” verticalScrollPolicy=”off” toolTip=”A9 Summary Chart” >

<mx:HBox id=”idIMAGE3″ >
<mx:Image source=”../../images/chart_bar.gif”
toolTip=”Create Chart” buttonMode=”true”
click=”saveChart(idchartgrid); ” />
<mx:Label text=”Create Chart” />


<mx:ColumnChart id=”mychart” dataProvider=”{chart1}”
showDataTips=”true” dataTipMode=”multiple” mouseSensitivity=”200″
height=”350″ width=”800″ >

General Math and Science information

I guess I’ll put some math and science and maybe other non-computer links in this section.

Intuitive explanations
Better Explained

cfmx 8 tips/tricks

Here is a list of new cfmx 8 tips, trick and problems in CFMX 8.




ColdFusion createObject “Component” and Pathing Performance

Good References
RIA Forge

Interesting ideas using Adobe Flex

This is the place I’m going to put interesting examples of Adobe Flex which don’t fall in the other categories.

Great Flex site

Ribbit – Voice enable Flex/AIR applications
Flex Paint 2.0 with Source Code
Universal Mind
Web App Solutions (WASI)
Flex Ramblings blog

Different Data Visualization techniques

Text to Speech
Preparing for Multi-touch in Flash – A Primer

Some Cool Apps from Adobe Solution Providers

ActionScript tutorials

I’m going to put my ActionScript tutorials on this post.

ActionScript org

Flex 3D frameworks and components

I will place my 3d frameworks and components in this post.

Future of Flex 3D
Open Flux
Open Flux demos and Flex 4
Flash 3D
PaperVision tutorials
Away 3D
Drag and Drop Video

Spring Graph
Flex Data Visualization I
Flex Data Visualization II
Spring Graph
Mark Sheperd blog

Flex Dashboards

I’m going to put my Flex Dashboard links in this location.

Flex Dashboard Builder
Dashboard – with tabs and windows
Spreadsheet / OLAP builder
Source Code – Spreadsheet / OLAP builder

Flex development tools

I’m going to list various Flex tools to make your application better.

Similar to Firebug (fxspy)
Six Tools for Flex and AS3 Development

Hello world!

This is my first blog entry. I will be putting my thoughts on various languages which I work on during my day hours. This blog will be used for putting my tips and tricks I like as I browse the internet.