Site of the Day 7/30/2010

Here is a good link to create an AIR application on Google Andriod.

Site of the Day 6/5/2010

Another way to build an AIR application for Google Android.

Site of the Day 5/18/2010

The articles from Yakov Fain about Adobe Flex are excellent.

General AIR tips/tricks

Here is a list of Abobe AIR tips and tricks.

5 Adobe AIR apps I use every day
Building CPU efficient Adobe AIR apps
AIR Showcase Applications
Refreshing Apps

cfmx 9 tips/tricks

Here is a list of new cfmx 9 tips and tricks.

Configuring and Administering Adobe ColdFusion 9
Adobe cfmx 9 CFML Reference
Developing Adobe cfmx 9 Applications
Installing Adobe cfmx 9
Adobe cfmx 9 Language Reference

Using Adobe ColdFusion Builder
Installing Adobe ColdFusion Builder

Trick and Tips
Excellent CFMX 9 review
Sneak Peek of Proxy Tags in ColdFusion 9
ColdFusion Functionality Exposed As Services
The New ColdFusion LOCAL Scope
Look, No Datasource
Sneak Peek of Proxy Tags in ColdFusion 9
AIR, CFMX9 and SQLLite

Flash Remoting in ColdFusion 9 is super fast!
Changes in the XML configuration files for Flash Remoting in ColdFusion 9

9 Videos

Interesting ideas using Adobe Flex

This is the place I’m going to put interesting examples of Adobe Flex which don’t fall in the other categories.

Great Flex site

Ribbit – Voice enable Flex/AIR applications
Flex Paint 2.0 with Source Code
Universal Mind
Web App Solutions (WASI)
Flex Ramblings blog

Different Data Visualization techniques

Text to Speech
Preparing for Multi-touch in Flash – A Primer

Some Cool Apps from Adobe Solution Providers