Site of the Day 8/13/2010

Here are some links concerning doing some web stuff for the iPhone and iPad.


Site of the Day 6/21/2010

Here is a great site from Adobe about learning about their products.

Site of the Day 6/14/2010

Here is funny article from Mozilla about Apple Safari’s HTML 5 demo and how intellectually dishonest it is coming from Apple’ marketing department. Good figure…I’m so surprised 🙂

Site of the Day 5/23/2010

Here is a good site from the University of Stanford Security Lab.

Site of the Day 5/10/2010

I fell upon this site from a link about creating music notes from JavaScript. It very cool 🙂

Site of the Day 5/8/2010

Since, I have some more MIX sites, I’ll added them for the next couple day.

Site of the Day 5/7/2010

Someone sent me a link to a specific JavaScript topic for Microsoft MIX09, so here is the link for MIX09.